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                      •   CRIC: China's Real Estate Data Application Service Provider
                        As China's real estate data application service provider, CRIC has been developed for more than 10 years to be an expert in its field, and is now serving 90% of the top 100 real estate companies. Covering both industry data and customer data, CRIC has brought the concept of a closed-loop real estate data construction service, subdivided its domain consulting services, and implemented vertical integration into its industry supply chain. As China's real estate data application service provider, CRIC has some unique features in the application of data with different depth and breadth, and is making great strides in pioneering the industry. Founded in 2006, CRIC has been cultivating the field of real estate data for 10 years and has established a real-estate database system "CRIC" which covers 29 cities in China, with the information spreading over 367 cities. CRIC relies on a strong professional research force and consulting team to provide the government, enterprises and housing buyers with complete solutions for online and offline real estate information services. Through these two businesses, CRIC has accumulated a large amount of industry data that is favored by peers. At the same time, CRIC actively engages in the extension and vertical integration of industry chains: the SAAS service for Chinese building materials industry chain has been established through CRIC Wishbuild, providing the professional services for design departments and procurement departments of housing enterprises, as well as design agencies and upstream and downstream enterprises. China's real estate enterprises evaluation ranking, which is published through the China Real Estate Association, has become an authoritative ranking and is now recognized by both industry and society. CRIC has also benefited from the two businesses to establish the huge data resources in the fields of building materials data and corporate data, and therefore the range of data has been extended.

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