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                      •   E-House Marketing: Professional Integrated Marketing Services for New Housing Marketing
                        Innovative positioning planning + efficient marketing conversion + professional customer collection = professional integrated marketing services for new housing marketing.
                        E-House Marketing is the cornerstone of E-House. Since 2000, E-House Marketing has been deeply engaging in integrated new housing marketing,covering 186 cities, and has accumulatively provided our agency services for thousands of real estate projects. We have made more than 1000 annual showcases and provided more than 17,000 first-line business personnel, which have continuously refreshed the records of China's real estate market for many years. It actively takes advantage of the characteristic industry benchmarking, and cultivates more mature, step-by-step and diversified talent training systems, which have been bestowed with great honors, such as being named China's pioneer employer of human resources, China's best model of human resources, campus talent model and best learning platform.
                      •   Continuously Refreshing Records of China's Real Estate Market for 10 Consecutive Years

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