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                      •    E-House Fangyou:Integrating and Empowering Small and Micro Real Estate Brokers
                        Comprehensive brokerage supports + professional trading services = China's real estate brokerage network services .
                        E-House Fangyou, focusing on the field of second-hand housing, is the future of E-House.
                        In January 2016, the E-House Fangyou Strategy was officially released, whereby S2B2C integrated and empowered small and micro brokers, to create a standardized and professional real estate brokerage network services by integrating resources, setting up platforms and serving the small and micro companies. This also brought a new business model to the second-hand housing transaction service industry, aiming at transforming and coexisting with the small and micro brokers, creating a win-win future, and ultimately achieving the multi-win layout between brokers and the customers. In 2016, E-House Fangyou was fully developed in eight cities, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hefei, Jinan and Nanjing, and became the preferred partner for the majority of small and micro brokers.
                        In 2018, the Fangyou Strategy gains access to another upgrade, with the continued upgrade off our strengths of brand empowerment, service empowerment, resource empowerment and system empowerment, to continuously improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the brokerage companies.By August, 2018, E-House Fangyou coveres 58 cities and 10000+ stores nationwide.

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